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Tips on washing properly

For soft and cuddly feel-good laundry

The hypoallergenic Sensitive Liquid Detergent Aloe Vera has no added preservatives.

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Powerful formula with lemon for high washing performance. Without addition of preservatives, dermatologically tested.

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Colour protecting formula with pomegranate for high washing performance and long-lasting, intense colours.

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Frosch Detergent Range

The Frosch stain guide

Stains are part of everyday life, but we want them to create as little work as possible for you.

Based on the motto: Dab, wash, done!

And that's why Frosch has the right product for every stain. Our Flecken-Zwerg products are powerful stain removers for fast and effective laundry pretreatment. The colour-friendly stain removers are suitable for white and coloured laundry as well as for all types of textiles except silk.

What should I bear in mind when it comes to new clothes?

You have a new item of clothing and would like to wear it straight away? We can all understand that. However, it is very important to wash new clothes at the maximum recommended temperature before wearing them for the first time. This removes chemicals and residues from production. The same applies to such things as cushions, blankets and cuddly toys. To avoid irritating the skin you can carefully cut off scratchy clothes labels.To be on the safe side, don't throw them away and label them instead so you can refer to the care instructions when you need to.

Laundry label

How do I wash wool properly?

The cosy feel and comfort of your woollen socks and woollen jumpers should last as long as possible. If you pay attention to a few things when washing, you can put an end to woollen items that felt, wear out, shrink or discolour.

Frosch detergent range

Which detergent should I use for sensitive skin?

Hypoallergenic products such as the Frosch Sensitive Liquid Detergent Aloe Vera or the Frosch Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent for the little ones are especially advisable for people with sensitive skin. They are particularly gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive baby skin.

How do I wash my laundry properly?

Care symbol wash lukewarm and by hand
Clothes with this laundry care symbol should only be washed in cold or lukewarm water (up to 40 °C) and by hand.
Care symbol chooese normal cycle
Standard programme
Here the recommendation is to choose a normal cycle of 30, 40, 60 or 95 °C.
Care symbol choose moderate cycle
Moderate programme
These symbols recommend a moderate cycle and temperatures of 30, 40 or 60 °C.
Care symbol choose a special delicates cycle
Two stripes mean delicates. Choose a special delicates cycle with a maximum temperature of 30 or 40 °C.
Care symbol crossed out tub
Do not wash
A crossed-out tub means caution: These textiles should not be washed in the washing machine or by hand.
icon bleach allowed
Do not bleach
This little triangle tells you that your laundry can be bleach-treated with chlorine, bleach or oxygen. However, for the sake of the environment, it's best not to use chlorine or bleach. If the triangle is crossed out, the item must not be bleach-treated.

How do I dry my laundry properly?

Many households have a tumble dryer that dries laundry quickly and easily. Do keep in mind that dryers consume electricity and therefore not only weigh heavy on the purse, but also on the environment.Whenever possible, dry your laundry in the fresh air. This saves electricity and is almost as quick, at least in the summer. If you do want to use the dryer, pay attention to these three symbols:

Care symbol dry at medium temperature
Medium heat
Two dots means you can dry your clothes in the dryer at medium temperature.
Care symbol dry at low temperature
Low heat
This symbol recommends that you dry your laundry at low temperature.
Care symbol do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
If your laundry care label contains this symbol, the item must not be tumble dried. And that's great: Just dry it in the fresh air.

What is the correct iron heat setting for my laundry?

Ironing is hard work and requires your utmost attention. Fortunately, with modern irons it's easy to find the right setting for the different materials. To be on the safe side, you should still follow the instructions on the laundry care labels. The symbols tell you at what temperature you should iron your clothes.

Care symbol iron with 3 dots
ironing allowed
The symbol with three dots means that you can use a high temperature setting. You can iron the item on a hot setting. This setting is generally particularly suitable for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.
Care symbol iron with 2 dots
Low to medium heat
Two dots tell you that the material can withstand moderate temperatures. Select one of the low to medium temperature settings, such as the wool and silk setting.
Care symbol iron with one dot
With caution and low heat
If there is one dot, you should iron the item on the lowest setting. This setting is suitable for man-made fibres and items with prints, for example. To preserve fibres and prints, you can use a kitchen towel. Turn the item inside out and place the towel between the iron and the textile.
icon do not iron
Do not iron
If you see this symbol on a laundry label, it means that the sensitive fabric should not be ironed at all.

A little tip:

For wrinkle-free laundry without ironing, shake the items vigorously after washing and then hang them to dry on a clothes hanger, clothes rack or clothesline with clothes pegs. If you hang the clothes upside down by the hem they will be extra smooth. To prevent creases already during washing, choose a low spin cycle.