Aerial view of the Werner & Mertz headquarter with solar pannels and wind turbines on the roof

Holistically sustainable – together

The commitment to sustainability of Werner & Mertz, the company behind Frosch, at a glance.
Establishment of the “Gebrüder Werner” wax goods factory, later Werner & Mertz.
Market launch of the Frosch brand as an eco-pioneer.
Frosch wins the German Sustainability Award.
Launch of the Frosch initiative.
Frosch launches the world’s first fully recyclable mono-material bag.
Logo of Initiative Frosch

Since 2012

The Frosch Initiative

Forward-looking and sustainable solutions for environmental protection and resource conservation are launched. The aim is to provide fresh impetus – above and beyond the cleaning and detergent industry. The Frosch initiative brings together creative minds and organizations to jointly advance innovative ecological approaches from a commercial perspective.

Our commitment to sustainability

Werner & Mertz, the company behind Frosch, has always addressed the question of how living a more sustainable life can become more widely accepted. With its commitment to sustainability, the family-owned company provides impetus for new sustainable solutions for environmental protection and resource conservation

Logo of Recyclat Initiative

We for Recyclates

Recyclate initiative

With this recyclate initiative launched in 2012, Werner & Mertz, together with its partners, committed to ensuring that plastic waste from European household collections, such as the yellow sack in Germany, is recycled to a high standard so that the recyclates thereby obtained can be reused in our packaging.

Nabu-Logo and Comicfrog with the slogan Frosch schützt Frösche.

Together with NABU

Frosch protects frogs

The “Frosch protects frogs” project has been running since 1998. In cooperation with the NABU Nature Conservation Centre Rhine Floodplain project, Werner & Mertz is committed to improving the living environment of the tree frog and other amphibian species living in the native Rhine floodplains. Here, NABU is developing concepts and projects to ensure the coexistence of man and nature.

Comicfrog Fred under an olive tree

Surfactants from Europe

Frosch for European cultivation

Frosch relies on surfactants obtained from renewable, plant-based sources. But we are not satisfied with that alone! We have developed an ambitious project to identify ways of obtaining surfactants from European oil plants such as rapeseed, olive, sunflower and flax in the long term, thereby avoiding the use of surfactants obtained from tropical oils.

Entrance area of Werner & Mertz GmbH

Environmental management 


For over 20 years, Werner & Mertz has maintained a holistic environmental management system aimed at conserving raw materials, reducing the burden on the environment and consuming fewer resources. We have operated this environmental management system since 2003 and our progress in conserving resources has been regularly validated by an independent inspector in accordance with EMAS requirements at our main plant in Mainz and – since 2005 – also at our second production site in Hallein (Austria).