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Cleaning the dishwasher properly for shiny results

How to lastingly maintain and clean your dishwasher

The natural formula of the All Purpose Cleaner Soda powerfully removes grease and stubborn dirt.

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The Dishwashing tabs All-in-1 Green Lemon keeping your dishwasher clean and in good working order.

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The dishwasher is a real blessing for any household. Every day, it takes a lot of tedious work off our hands by cleaning our dishes and glasses and saving water at the same time. However, to make sure that we can enjoy our favourite household helper for a long time and that it can continue doing its great job, we should bear a few things in mind:

How do I use my dishwasher in an eco-friendly way?

While the dishwasher of course takes a lot of work off our hands, it's still an appliance that consumes electricity, water and other resources. The most sustainable way to use it is not to use it too often. You can do this by generally using fewer dishes, glasses and cutlery. You don't need a fresh place setting for every course, for example. And you can use the same water glass for two days. Which parts of the dishwasher should be cleaned?

Which parts of the dishwasher should be cleaned?

The spray arms

The spray arms probably play the biggest role in cleaning your dishes. To make sure that they dispense water evenly in the dishwasher, they should be cleaned from time to time. The spray arms can generally be removed quite easily and then clicked back into place. To be on the safe side, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Pull off the spray arms as recommended and clean them using a dishwashing brush or sponge, water and some washing-up liquid. Pay attention to the little nozzles to make sure they are not clogged up. Stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a toothpick.

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The strainer insert

Your dishwasher's strainer catches food waste and protects the machine and hoses from clogging and unpleasant odours. The strainer can be taken out easily, so why not regularly remove food waste and give it a thorough clean. Use water, a dishwashing brush and a bit of washing-up liquid.

The drainage area

The drainage area at the bottom of the dishwasher is often forgotten, but it's important to clean it. Regularly check for food waste and remove it. For even more cleanliness and a fresh scent you can clean the bottom and sides of your machine with the All Purpose Cleaner Soda and a damp cloth.

The rubber seals

They're a hotbed for dirt and germs. To keep them clean and prevent mould growth, wipe them down regularly with a soft cloth and a squirt of your All Purpose Cleaner Soda.

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How does my dishwasher stay in good working order for a long

Your dishwasher doesn't need much to do its job thoroughly and reliably. Make sure to regularly refill the dishwasher salt and rinse aid or simply use multi-tabs such as the Dishwashing tabs All-in-1 Green Lemon. They already contain rinse aid and salt and therefore care for your dishwasher with every cycle.

Before putting your dishes in the machine, remove any excess food waste. This makes the dishwasher's job easier and prevents clogging and unpleasant odours.