Heavy Duty Powder Detergent Citrus

High washing power especially for white textiles from 20°-95°C, not suitable for wool and silk. Powerful formula with lemon for high washing performance. Without addition of preservatives, dermatologically tested.
Produkt Voll-Waschpulver Citrus
  • powerful formula for white and hot-water laundry
  • 30° - 95° C
  • environmentally friendly carton made of > 80% recycled paper
  • 22 loads of laundry

Pre-sort the washing (e.g. according to colour, degree of soiling, fibre type) and observe the care instructions for the fabric. Dosage: Dose according to soil and water hardness, follow the dosing instructions. Always wash with full load. For more information on the hardness of your water, please contact your water supply company.

15 - 30 % oxygen-based bleaching agents, zeolites, 5 - 15 % non-ionic surfactants, < 5 % soap, enzymes, optical brighteners, fragrances. Additional ingredient: Citrus extract

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