Frosch Oase Lavender Dream Refill Pouch

Aromas and scents can influence our mood and our sense of well-being. For centuries aroma therapy has put this knowledge to good use. The world of Frosch Oase room fragrances too is based on olfactory science. The room fragrances give your home a true feel-good atmosphere.
Produktabbildung Frosch Oase Lavendeltraum
  • room fragrance with natural oils
  • with calming lavender note
  • refill package with sachet & reed diffusers

Open the sachet, fill the fragrance essence into the design flacon and place the rattan sticks inside. As soon as the sticks have soaked up the fragrance, it unfolds. Depending on the room climate and the number of sticks, the scent lasts approx. 6 - 8 weeks.

Parfum, natural oils

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Formulas free of animal-derived ingredients.
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Microplastic free
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