Frosch Baby Dishwashing Liquid Refill Pouch

Frosch baby dishwashing liquid removes milk, cereal and other food residues and treats baby items such as bottles, pacifiers, teething rings and washable toys very gently. Because the liquid rinses away without leaving any residue, it is completely safe for babies.
Produktabbildung Frosch Baby Spül-Reiniger
  • removes milk and food remnants
  • rinses without leaving residue
  • pH skin-neutral
  • hypoallergenic: without dyes and fragrances

Ideal to refill Dishwashing Liquid bottle. 1 squirt (corresponds to approx. 5 ml) is sufficient for 5 litres of water. Use undiluted for stubborn dirt. Tipp: Do not rinse under running water, but soak Babies accessories in recommended dosage of product.

5–15% anionische Tenside, <5% amphotere Tenside, nichtionische Tenside, Enzyme (Amylase), Konservierungsmittel (Sodium Benzoate). Weiterer Inhaltsstoff: Panthenol (Provitamin B5).

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