The circular economy

The prinicple of circular economy is taken to heart during the development of Frosch products – from the initial idea through production, right up to the time they land on the shelf. The majority of the ingredients used in the formulations are plant-based. Frosch packaging is consistently developed in accordance with the “Design for Recycling” principle.

Concentrated Softener Pomegranate
The 100% ones. Our fabric softeners: vegan, made from European surfactants and packaged in recyclable bags.
Comicfrog Fred in the grass under the sun

Eco-pioneer since 1986

The Frosch brand

Since 1986 households have become greener and environmental protection more significant. The first phosphate-free cleaner enters the food retail trade: The Frosch Neutral Cleaner.

Bio-quality in 9 points

Pictogram bucket and leaf
Natural efficiency formula with natural ingredients to underline cleaning and care properties.
Pictogram test-tube
With surfactants from renewable plant based origin – with high and fast biodegradability.
Pictogram hand and feather
Advanced skin friendliness of dermatologically tested formulas. Minimized use of mild preservatives and carefully selected perfumes or entire abandonment.
pictogram zero percent
Free from microplastics, formaldehyde, EDTA and halogenorganic compounds.
pictogram recycling
Reduced and cycle oriented usage of packagings with recycled/recyclable materials.
Pictogram rabbit and frog
Vegan, free from animal derived ingredients.
pictogram socket
Sustainable manufacturing with active environmental/energy management as EMAS, ISO 14001 or 50001.
pictogram factory
Own water treatment plant to ensure top-level hygienics of our products as well as best possible wastewater pre-treatment.
pictogram 1986
Pioneer in the development and manufacturing of environment-friendly cleaning and care products - since 1986.