Werner & Mertz GmbH

The Frosch brand acquired its expertise over the long history of the manufacturing company, Werner & Mertz GmbH. The ecological orientation which began with Frosch in 1986 shapes the entire company today. At Werner & Mertz, sustainability management is integrated in all investment decisions and corporate planning.

The company was founded as the wax wares factory "Gebrüder Werner" in Mainz in 1867. In 1878 W. Mertz joined the company, to which his name was added. His brother-in-law Philipp Adam Schneider, soon became the head of the business. Managing partner since 2000, Reinhard Schneider is a member of the fourth generation to lead the family business from its headquarters in Mainz.

The company has grown from the wax wares factory to Erdal shoe polish, over other products for floor care and household cleaning to the Frosch brand whose success story began in 1986. The combination of natural, highly efficient cleaning power with exemplary skin- and environmentally-friendly properties makes Frosch today the successful eco pioneer in cleaning and care.